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In September 2004, the first Packaging and Food science Clinic (Iranian clinic of food packaging (ICFP)) has been established in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. The first steps of development has been passed in Khorasan science and technology park (KSTP) and now we settle down in north east food Tech Park. The definition of ICFP is multifunctional collection (complex) with variety department that provide consultation, training, research, treatment… services in food science and packaging field. The primary goals are develop clinical service in food science and packaging major such as solve problem scientifically, innovation, link between university and industrial, communicate between supplier and producer and benefit of expert consultant and ….

ICFP's Departments

Research and labaratory

• Packaging research
• Innovation in food formulation
• Improvement food formulation
• Extending shelf life
• Food science and packaging laboratory

Consultation and Engineering Services Department

• Food science and packaging consultation
• Feasibility Study Report
• Discover Impediment food processing and packaging line
• Cartography and engineering calculations
• Apply for food and packaging producing license

Packaging design and print Department

• Logo design
• Graphic and structure packaging design
• Label design
• Commercial photography
• motion graphic and commercial teaser
• printing service

FOOD SANAT (online food industry exhibition and shaping)

• food processing and packaging machine
• packaging wrap and container
• laboratory material and equipment
• food silence and packaging book
• specialized software

Exhibition tour and Training Department

• specialized theatrical training
• practical training
• internship course
• Business meeting
• World Food science and packaging exhibition tour

Agricultural packaging Department

• Consult about agricultural product packaging
• Modern technology in packaging (MAP packaging & sulfur pad & ethylene observation and…)
• Packaging equipment
• Nano packaging system
• Fruit and vegetable box, carton, bag and ….

Virtual services Department

• Content creation
• News
• network management
• Information technology (IT)

contact us

  • Iranian clinic of food packaging, North east food Tech Park, Toos industrial zone, Mashhad, Iran

  • Phone: 985135421060 - 985135421070
  • Email: info.icfp5@gmail.com
  • P.O BOX: 9176874185

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